My Only Gift Is My Gratitude

So, I packed up and decided to move back home. I didn’t do much planning. It was more like an urge. I felt it was time to go back to my roots. I heard the ancestors screaming my name. I was working on the biggest project I ever embarked on, and I wanted to complete it home. But I FAILED. I was depressed and wasn’t sure what my next move should be.

When I was complaining and fell into depression, she made it her job to cheer me up and encourage me. Every day, she stood by me, supported and celebrated me when deep inside I was feeling like a failure. And with a little over $1000 left on my bank account, I didn’t have enough to rent an apartment in Haiti. And I did not want to call my family for help, because I wanted to prove to them that I had become the survivor/resourceful woman they raised me to be.20180619_180320

So, she and her family welcomed me into their home for 2 long MONTHS. Never asked me for a penny. Su casa was mi casa. Even when I had found a job and decided I couldn’t continue to be a burden, she insisted for me not to leave and made me prolong my stay. Eventually, I had to move. As I was packing to leave, I was overwhelmed with a deep sadness. I was leaving her home, but it had become mine too.

The journey of transcendence is a loooooonngg one. We will not always get things right when we first attempt. We won’t always understand each other. We might even step on toes and even unwillingly hurt each other. It will be confusing at times. But let us never forget the days we supported and uplifted each other. Let us never forget the great laughs, the crazy adventures, and more importantly, the life lessons.

 The only gift I have today is my gratitude. I am forever grateful to have met you. I am forever grateful for our imperfect friendship/sisterhood. I am forever grateful for all the things you taught me. I am forever grateful for the beautiful soul that you are. Happy birthday Shika. May you blossom into the woman of excellence you strive to be. #sisterhood #Soulsisters #friendship #haitianwriter #womenofexcellence #blogeuse #birthadaywishes #growth


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