We are not victims. We are thriving survivors.



It is easier to play the victim than to hold ourselves accountable for the part we play in our misfortunes. Indeed, we often play victims because it provides us artificial safety and comfort. It also makes us the “good one”, boosting our ego a little.

So, we see genuine mistakes of others as actions done to intentionally hurt us. We blow minuscule issues out proportion. We keep reminiscing on the painful memories that made us feel betrayed. We reject other perspectives when addressing the issues. We see constructive criticisms as attacks. We expect sympathy from others, and when they don’t respond the way we want them to, we get angry and even see them traitors.


ENOUGH. No one else is responsible for the unhappiness we feel. So, let’s stop dwelling on the past and embrace the present. Let’s stop blaming others and take full responsibility for the part we played. Even if what happened to us was completely beyond our control, it is our responsibility to step into our power and reclaim full responsibility for our happiness.

We are not victims. We are thriving survivors.