The Ugly Truth About Being Obsessed To Growth

What are your areas of growth? How are you strategizing your improvement?

As a young negresse from a country that has always been stigmatized, I feel like I owe it to my ancestors and those who invested in me to always be on top of things. They fought for me to be here, so the least I can do is not waste the space I occupy on this planet. This has been my narrative since I was a little girl. Consequently, I have been committed to transcendence for as long as I can remember.

I credit myself for being a growth guru. I am obsessed with becoming the best version of myself. However, if I am being totally transparent, this mindset also makes me EXTREMELLY impatient with myself.

I set goals, milestones and a timeline. Whenever things do not happen as I anticipated, I get down; I internalize my miscalculations as failures.

Frankly, this happens more often than I would like to admit.
Indeed, I have those days. Days when I am down, not feeling my best self at all. It usually takes me a moment to realize that ephemeral melancholy is more harming than constructive.

Missing a milestone does not reroute me. Whether I miss or reach a milestone, I will still reach my destiny.

In addition, I am just a drop of water in an ocean. God has this whole thing figured out. Therefore, I should leave him in charge of the timing.

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