A Year Older Than I Was Yesterday

Today is my birthday; thus, I thought I would kick off this new chapter of my life with an expressive discharge.

Here are 27 things about me:


1. Age: 27
2. Motherland: Haiti
3. Place of residence: Nomad
4. Spiritual status: A prayer in the flesh, an embodiment of God’s love and purpose
5. Mental status: Happy and focused on becoming a woman of excellence
6. Career Status: BA, MA, MBA & currently working as a Communications Specialist
7. Relationship status: Recovering from an intimacy hangover and collecting data on some gents to decide later whom to partner and build with
8. Life Vision: Become a woman of excellence who commits her time and abilities to the service of others
9. Best thing about me: my passion for life and growth
10. Worst thing about me: impatient, especially with people
11. Biggest fear: To waste my life and not reach my fullest potential
12. Hobbies: Spending time with loved ones, reading, podcast guru, writing, dancing, foresting, netflixing, traveling and filmmaking
13. Things I want to learn this year: Spanish, ballroom dances, scuba dive, and to be a better human

14. Most read book: “une femme, une vie” by Sagine Jean-Paul (Over 10X)
15. Favorite animal: Cat
16. Favorite music genre: Afro beat
17. Favorite place: the beach
18. Favorite food: grilled fish and fried plantain (Haitian style)
19. Places I want to visit this year: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nigeria, …
20. A message to my 17 year-old self: The pain you are feeling right now won’t last
21. Super power that I want: Heal people
22. Misconceptions about me: People often think that I am stuck up before talking to me and I am shallow because I love fashion
23. Immature things I do: ignore people when I am upset, have preconceived notions before meeting someone or trying something and jump to conclusions quickly
24. Mistake I repeat: Internalize when someone I care about does me wrong
25. Hardest lessons I learned: People are not perfect, including me. So, I should always forgive instead of keeping count
26. Who would I be for a day I could: Jesus or Oprah Winfrey or Jeff Bezos
27. One thing I plan to do in the next decade: Buy or build my mama a nice house

As this new chapter of my life unfolds, I ask God to strip up the gifts that He has deposited in my spirit. I want to be more committed to learning to be the woman whom the Lord has fashioned me to be. I also pray to be guided in the way that He would have me take to the praise and honor of His glory.

The Story of Decade: From Homelessness to Thriving

In the Safari Desert

It has been one hell of a decade. Started off being homeless, depressed and suicidal. Now, I don’t even know that girl anymore. In a nutshell, I have had some loooooow moments, but I have also been immensely blessed this past decade.

It has been about finding fulfilment, joy, peace, and being in alignment with my purpose. I spent these past few years trying to evolve, reinvent myself, and transcend.

In fact, it has been a rollercoaster ride. I have learned to detach myself from and learn to love from a distance some people that I thought I could never live without, but I have also gained some phenomenal and supportive friends and extended family.

I have had to let go of some fallacies, thought processes and behavioural patterns that were holding me back. For a long time, I was living my life in a state of cognitive dissonance. I was not living in accordance of who I really wanted to be.

More importantly, this decade, I got to know God like I have never known Him. In moments of disappointment and discouragement, I literally nurtured and spoke life, using God’s words, unto myself.

I am immensely thankful for God’s grace, protection and blessings. Without God’s guidance and love, I would not have been able to make through this decade.