Day 1 of #21DaysOfGratitude

I am ENOUGH. Three of the most powerful and liberating words that have changed my life drastically this year. Indeed, I finally came to understand, believe and accept that I am enough.

See, I grew up with abandonment issues. So I distortedly believed that I needed to do in order to be enough or to be loved. I never felt enough. And since my childhood, I directed all my efforts and energy into doing more so I can be enough. But nothing I ever did made me feel enough.

This belief was self-destructive and prevented from receiving love from others. And the worse part is, I projected that unto others too. Because I never felt enough, no one was ever enough for me. Regardless how much of themselves they gave away, I was never satisfied.

And slowly, a wind of truth blew over my life. Miraculously, I began to understand that nothing that I could ever do or receive will make me feel enough. However, I am enough because I am enough. As simple as it sounds.

I am enough regardless how hectic life may seems at times.
I am enough regardless of who severed me of their attention.
I am enough regardless who didn’t value and respected me the way I wanted.
I am enough regardless who stops cheering and supporting me.
I am enough despite what I lost.
I am enough even when I didn’t get the promotion.
I am enough regardless who doesn’t see me or appreciate my efforts.
I am enough even when sometimes I don’t feel ENOUGH.

This isn’t about some false self-sufficiency. But really, I have God with me and for me. He is ALL I ever needed and will ever need.

I am enough because God made me enough. And I vow to NEVER let anyone challenge this truth.

I am enough. I have ALWAYS been enough. I will always be enough.

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